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For over 20 years Ebara have been sold and used in Australia, satisfying many customers and building a reputation for their quality and reliability.

A subsidiary company, Ebara Pumps Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2000 to better service the market with an increasing rang of quality products.

Ebara Corporation consists of more than 70 Companies across 5 continents. Ebara produces a wide range in quality products through its dedication to development, research and the modern technologies uitilised in their manufacture.

Ebara pumps have particularly gained a worldwide reputation for their technology and quality.


Pump Types

Stainless Steel Surface Pumps


Ebara produces a wide range of powerful surface pumps for a variety of applications.

The 3′ series of stainless steel pumps feature a unique one piece volute casing that are produced using an advanced computer controlled Plasma stamping system that ensures total quality control during manufacture. With the smooth surfaces of stamped stainless steel, this results in consistent high standard products, of superior quality and high efficiency.

Suitable for many applications:

  • Industrial, commercial and agricultural applications
  • Booster sets and cooling towers
  • Washing plants and air conditioning systems
  • Water supply and irrigation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumping or boosting of water in general

Ebara’s uses high quality 304 stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps


Cast Iron Submersible Pipes


Jet Pumps & Pressure Systems


Cast Iron Surface Pumps


4″ Borehole Pumps

These submersible multistage pumps have many applications including:

  • The pumping of clear water from 4″ bores
  • Domestic, farm or industrial water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Pumping of clean water in general


Motor output: 0.37 to 2.2 kW (1ph)
0.37 to 5.5 kW (3ph)
Outlet size: 32 to 50 mm
Flow rates: 10 to 350 lpm
Head: 10 to 180 m
Max. liquid temp: 30oC
Max. immersion: 100m
Max sand: 50 ppm


Horizontal Split Case Pumps

  • Industrial, municipal, commercial & agricultural
  • Water supply
  • Hot or cold water circulation
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling towers
  • Drainage


Materials: Cast iron casing, bronze impeller, 316 SS shaft
Shaft seal: Mechanical seal
Power used: up to 300 kW
Flow rates: 0.6 to 35 m3/min
Head: 5 to 120m
Outlet size: 100 to 350 mm